Digital Manifold DIGIMON-SE

2 way digital manifold.

Compact design and Sturdy construction.

Display allows for super heating, subcooling, vacuum levels and leakage test to be shown along with the pressure and temperature reading.

Complete with 3 charging lines 1/4"SAE in blue, red and yellow, length 60 inches as well as 2 charging lines (blue and red) length 60 inches with 1/2"-20UNF connection on one end.

Packed in sturdy plastic case.

Optional accessories: 

Digimon-Sensor-K-Type : External K type sensor

Digimon-Vac:  External vacuum sensor

Digimon-Clamp:  K-type clamp thermocouple, temperature range from -40'C to 125'C, Jaw range:  6mm to 38mm