Electronic Leak Detector


Compact design.

Detects all halogenated refrigerants.

Certified to SAE J1627, EN 14624 standard.

Simple one button operation.

12" flexible probe.

Sensitivity: 3g/year (0.1oz/year)

Sensor life: approx. 30 hours.


High end leak detector that complies to standard SAE-J2791, SAE-J2913, EN14624:2012, CE, ROHS, ASHRAE Standard 173

Sensitivity: 1.4g/year (0.05 oz/yr) All HFC's incl. R410A, R404A, R407C &R134A, R32 0.7g/year (0.03oz/yr) HFO R-1234yf

Sensor has a higher than average life cycle of approx. 10 years.


Leak Detector for professional leak detection with trace gas 95/5 (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen).

Sensitivity:  < 5ppm N2/H2 Tracer Gas.

Fufills standard EN35422.

Conforms to article 6, paragraph 3 of the EU directive 2006/40/EG, SAE-J2970.

Sensor life: 1000 hours with proper filter changes.